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Bruce Knight has a successful record of managing change and introducing new technologies which impact on the agricultural, food, horticultural and amenity markets internationally.

Holding Chartered Marketing status, a one time chairman of the Chartered Institute of Marketing: Food, Drink & Agriculture Group; he is a chemistry graduate from Southampton University with post-graduate research qualification from London & Bangor.

He held senior international marketing management positions within two agrochemical groups; for nineteen years with Fisons and its successors, and later within the Rhone Poulenc group. He has extensive knowledge of markets in the UK, Western Europe and North America, working for periods in the USA and Canada.

With Rhone Poulenc, he served five years as Managing Director of Horstine Farmery Limited. This RP subsidiary specialises in the international development of equipment used for the environmentally managed application of agrochemicals and fertilisers.

He works extensively on market opportunities for materials derived from industrial crops and prospects for energy crops and has published several papers on these subjects.

He has gained expertise on the commercial dimension of transgenic crops, initially working from an agricultural perspective, but increasingly on the acceptance of GM crop produce along the food chain. He has considerable experience of developments in crop protection and application equipment.

He has worked on a number of developments in Precision Agriculture, including services and projects under the Sky Farm banner.

Writing activities include regular contributions to Crop Protection Monthly, the international business newsletter, for which he has recently taken up the role of deputy editor.

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