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Associate consultants who regularly work with Innovation Management:

Steve Hallam,
Hallam Marketing,
Colchester, UK
Market research, analysis and planning in both consumer and business markets
  • Particular experience in the home and garden market
  • Consumer products and services attitude measurement
  • Focus group management
Patrick Mitton
Agritopics Ltd,
Food Chain Marketing Studies
  • Market studies on novel foods
  • Experience in UK food chain
  • Pesticide residue issues
Alan Williams,
Managing Resources Ltd

Cambridge, UK
Strategic marketing and project management
  • International market research
  • Life Science R & D policy development
  • Corporate planning
  • Plant breeding & agricultural biotechnology
Martin Redbond,
Market Scope Europe Ltd
Ipswich, UK
Publisher of Crop Protection Monthly and marketing consultant
  • Technical writing and editorial management
  • Communication on crop protection issues
  • Market research
Dr Mike Pooley,
Leicester, UK,
Remote sensing tectnologies for arable crops
  • Precision agricultural product development
  • Software and hardware selection
  • Satellite and airborne image access
  • Data processing
Dr Wayne Surles
WS Associates
Richmond, Virginia, USA
Business development and intellectual property commercialisation with emphasis on the Green Industry
  • Product development of pesticides & plant nutrients in North America
  • Market research, business planning

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